Mishys Life

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday 19th July


Stayed at home today, i was "sick". Went to the doctors. Dont know what to say, I havent been on this site for ages. I suppose its good to write down things. Its going to be mine and steve's 1 year on Monday. Thats kind of exciting I suppose. Were going out somewhere tomorrow and on saturday and maybe sunday but I dont know yet. I havent even gotten him anything yet. What do you get a boy anyway? I have no ideas. But oh well I will have to get something by Monday. I just have to think really hard about what to get. Im thinking maybe a bracelet because he has gotten me a ring. But I dont have long to decide and actually purchase it. But yeah lifes been hard at the moment. I dont like my job, I cant be bothered even going anymore. I just want a new job. I just want to be away from there. I wish I could finish my traineeship and get out of there. But I think I'm going to have to just leave without finishing my traineeship because I cant take it much longer. Anyway I have things to do.

Cya Mish.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Exams are finally over

its good now exams are finally over, did my last 2 today, i think i went pretty well in the health exam and not very good in the media exam but oh well. Went 2 work 2night for 3 hours it was alright, although i was annoyed because the night i am not in grocery they have a load 2 do. Also the store manager was watching us to make sure we all were working, i think i always seemed busy. Also picked out my deb photos, mum dad and me picked out 9 plus 2 group photos and a big one of me so my nana can put it on the mantle piece. Going now 2 watch ER and then the footy show.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I am so buggered today had the GAT in the morning and then had a PE sac i think i went pretty well on that but probably got a crap score i suck at PE this year. Cant really write much today as i am so busy studying for exams tomorrow, finishing english work and then going to work at 5 for 4 hours, AHHHHHHHHHH!!! Then i have health and media tomorrow and then exams are over finally, after that i still have to go to work at 4 until 7 putting up with customers and then going and picking out the deb photos i want, but thats pretty exciting.

Gotta go so much 2 do.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Second Day of Exams

it was the second day of exams and we had IT and Maths i think i went really bad on the IT exam and i think i did okay on the Maths exam although i dont know if i can trust my instincts. Going to the gym in a little while and then going 2 work for 4 hours. Not buying the car mum told me not 2 so im not going 2. Not much more 2 say i guess although i have the GAT tomorrow and a PE sac. Yeah! (not really). Cant be bothered really writing anymore as i have to type up my english stuff 2night or tomorrow. well cya Mich.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Monday First Day of exams

today was the first day of exams i only had one which was english, i am not sure how i did but i think i went okay but who knows, ill find out soon enough. I still have english work to do and i have to study for my exams and i have to work tuesday, wednesday, thursday, saturday and sunday. I am going to a party on friday night and maybe going to shells party on sunday night to stay and then i am going to go to the footy on monday with stacey. Oh and by the way i am thinking of buying a car for $5000 except i dont have that much yet except maybe mum and dad will take out a loan and i pay them back. Who knows? It will only be 9 years old when i can drive it by myself, and it d0esnt have that many kilometres on it only about 50000 except it is a little strange that they are selling it so cheap, maybe i will go with mum and dad to try it out and see if there is anything wrong with it because it also comes with 12 months rego so that will be cool if i get it, kind of excited except all my pay would be going towards it. I am upset now because i just realised i probably wont be able to go and pick out the deb photos that i want, but maybe because i finish at 7 so hopefully it starts at like 7 so then i can get there in time.
cya got studying and cheat sheet to write.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Deb was yesterday

So tired been at work all day after staying out all night at the after party but oh well it was my choice. Anyway the deb was fun it was weird because i was one of the last people to speak i never usually get to do that sort of thing but that was cool. It was a fairly good night except that before i got there my dress got dirty from the limo, and i got upset and then at the after deb party my partner said it wasnt that much to get upset over however yes it is if you spend so much time and money for it to be wrecked before the start of the night. Also before we went out my hem fell on my dress and people kept standing on it. But otherwise a pretty fun night.


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The deb is only 2 days away

It is pretty exciting the deb is two days away all of the past year talking about it and now it is finally here, its exciting, nails are getting done tomorrow woohoo.