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Monday, June 06, 2005

Monday First Day of exams

today was the first day of exams i only had one which was english, i am not sure how i did but i think i went okay but who knows, ill find out soon enough. I still have english work to do and i have to study for my exams and i have to work tuesday, wednesday, thursday, saturday and sunday. I am going to a party on friday night and maybe going to shells party on sunday night to stay and then i am going to go to the footy on monday with stacey. Oh and by the way i am thinking of buying a car for $5000 except i dont have that much yet except maybe mum and dad will take out a loan and i pay them back. Who knows? It will only be 9 years old when i can drive it by myself, and it d0esnt have that many kilometres on it only about 50000 except it is a little strange that they are selling it so cheap, maybe i will go with mum and dad to try it out and see if there is anything wrong with it because it also comes with 12 months rego so that will be cool if i get it, kind of excited except all my pay would be going towards it. I am upset now because i just realised i probably wont be able to go and pick out the deb photos that i want, but maybe because i finish at 7 so hopefully it starts at like 7 so then i can get there in time.
cya got studying and cheat sheet to write.


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