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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday 19th July


Stayed at home today, i was "sick". Went to the doctors. Dont know what to say, I havent been on this site for ages. I suppose its good to write down things. Its going to be mine and steve's 1 year on Monday. Thats kind of exciting I suppose. Were going out somewhere tomorrow and on saturday and maybe sunday but I dont know yet. I havent even gotten him anything yet. What do you get a boy anyway? I have no ideas. But oh well I will have to get something by Monday. I just have to think really hard about what to get. Im thinking maybe a bracelet because he has gotten me a ring. But I dont have long to decide and actually purchase it. But yeah lifes been hard at the moment. I dont like my job, I cant be bothered even going anymore. I just want a new job. I just want to be away from there. I wish I could finish my traineeship and get out of there. But I think I'm going to have to just leave without finishing my traineeship because I cant take it much longer. Anyway I have things to do.

Cya Mish.


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